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Automatic Order Printing Floral Frog

This short guide explains how to set-up automatic order printing for the new “Orders v2“. You need to ensure your printer is already set-up and connected to your PC or Mac.

The next step is to download the web print client for your PC or Mac from the following link: https://www.neodynamic.com/downloads/wcpp/wcpp4.aspx

Once the client is installed you are then required to link Floral Frog to your printer.

Login to Floral Frog and navigate to “ORDERS” and then “Orders v2“. You will see a “Printer Setup” button on the right of your screen as shown below.

Click on the “Load Installed Printers” button as shown below.

Choose your printer from the drop-down list and then click “Add Printer“.

Once the printer has been installed, you can then navigate to “Ordersv2” and then select “Add Order(v2)” as shown below:

Fill out the new order form

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1-1024x468.png

When you get to the final section called “Payment Details” you need to select your payment type, in the example below this has been selected as “Cash“. You also have the option to send a confirmation email and also print the order automatically. You need to select both of these first prior to pressing “Pay“. The buttons will highlight green when selected.

Updated on October 12, 2021

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