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Cash Float Feature and End of Day Reporting

  • When logging in to FrogPOS each day you will be asked for the cash float in the cash register drawer. Enter this amount and click “Start Sales

  • Once you click “Start Sales” the normal FrogPOS screen appears as shown below and you can perform your daily sales.

  • To perform a cash float adjustment, click “Menu” on the bottom right and a menu will appear on the left. Click “CASH DRAWER” and then “Float Adjustment

  • To make a float adjustment, click either “Add” or “Remove” and then enter the amount in the number pad. Finally, enter a reason for the adjustment, example: fuel, and click “Submit”.  Once the float adjustment screen disappears, click “Close Menu” on the left to continue sales.

  • At the end of the day you need to perform an end of day report to close the sales. To do this click on the “Menu” button on the bottom right of the screen and a menu will appear on the left.  Click “CASH DRAWER” and then “End of Day Report” as shown below.

  • Enter the amount in the cash drawer and then click the “End Sales” button.

  • To access your end of day report, login to the Floral Frog portal and click on “Reports” as shown below. From the drop-down menu select “End of Day” and then click “Daily” and select the relevant date from the date picker on the right and then click “Generate Report”.  A summary of the report will display as shown below.

  • To view the detail of the report, click on the date and the full report will appear.

  • The screenshot below shows an example of a full end of day report.

  • When entering expenditure into the system, please ensure you click the re-calculate button below to update the report.

Updated on October 12, 2021

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