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Easy Guide to Floral Frog – Florist to Florist



When logging into the PORTAL (BACK END) in the morning, log in using your Shop ID 000xxx, Username and Password.  Google CHROME is the best for Desktop and Laptop. For Apple Mac and iPad then use Safari.  Use the following link to access Floral Frog using either Chrome or Safar: https://portal1.floralfrog.com.  You can use your iPad as your EPOS and also the Portal if you only have the one device in the shop.

I RECOMMEND you keep this screen open all day as this is the BRAINS behind the software and you can see everything here as well as your Delivery App

There are 3 buttons on the top RIGHT corner which we feel will be made use of regularly




These are Shortcuts – the EPOS button is good it allows you to check that everything you have put in the portal, i.e. products and categories is transferred to the EPOS, you can literally see your EPOS screen using this button.

You will also see your most popular products here


You will see your SALES on a graph and in £’s so you can see how much money you are taking – the graph shows your FORWARD ORDERS

Calendar – You can set this to DAY, WEEK or MONTH, its good to set it to DAY and every order you have that day, task and appointment will be added to the relevant date.

BE SURE to enter your expenses, I normally enter my flower and sundries bills FIRST thing so when I start to make sales I can see the sales -v- the expenses

At the bottom of the screen left hand side you will also see a MESSAGES bar, you need to ACKNOWLEDGE them if they need to be fulfilled – it will ALERT you to upcoming payments/orders etc


YOUR ACTUAL EPOS (tablet and cash drawer) and receipt printer

You will have a 4 digit pin code to log in, this is the login details you enter when adding an employee, each employee can be given a different pin so you can see who is selling – the POS is now your till, you use this as you would an old traditional till using your categories to make sales and choosing any products inside the categories. You simply

Choose Category

Choose Product


Custom if you don’t have any products inside the categories (it isn’t necessary to have products and I suggest you use the custom button perhaps to start off) you can build up your products as you go, you will still CAPTURE all your sales entries with the CUSTOM button.

A pop up will come up with how many or size (if you have added different sizes for e.g.) say 1 for e.g. then click on pay, enter the amount of the sale and a box will come up for you to choose payment method, you can choose whatever method you want, you would have set this up already (jn Accounts, Settings and then FROGPOS) so , for e.g. cash, visa, worldpay, account, sumup, payment sense  etc etc, once this has been entered, if cash it will tell you how much change to give if necessary. You will have 2 receipts printed out, one for yourself and one for the customer, it will have details of what they have bought on the receipt and any personal words you have added on your receipt template. SALE Complete and will now form part of your accounting in the portal. You can have as little or as many receipts as you want, you will also find this in the FROGPOS settings, its not necessary to have more than ONE as everything is recorded.

The CALENDER is self explanatory


PRODUCTS – 2nd item on left hand side

Here you will find

FLOWER LIBRARY (Stem Count) – the library consists of a number of different flowers, not all flowers are listed here, we are inputting them gradually, but this can be a very good tool for a trainee as you can also search on COLOUR, it will provide you with all details necessary about the flower. I find it good if you have a bride for e.g. and they want “all blue flowers” and your trainee is unsure, also helps to add confidence with the knowledge available – you can also use this library as part of the STEM COUNT FEATURE, you can add flowers here to your basket when you are making an order and choose how many you want with the ADD button, then to find out what flowers you need to HONOUR the ORDERS, go to ORDER LIST on the left hand side, you will see your orders and the amount of particular stems you need. This is a great tool for Valentines, Mothers Day, Christmas (busy times)

CATEGORIES – here you can input your Categories, some categories are pre-defined, we have put these here as general categories a florist would use, you can add as many or as less as you want – the REASON they are DE-ACTIVATED and NOT DELETED is because you would have lots of products inside those categories that you will use YEAR on YEAR so you De-Active them and NOT delete them. You can DELETE CATEGORIES when you have perhaps had a special offer on or some nice gifts that you wont use or have year on year.

You may add categories that you didn’t mean to but you can easily DELETE them, you can also EDIT the categories if you have made a TYPO – they are simple and quick to add – you will see on the right hand side whether they are ACTIVE by the YES or NO

INSIDE THE CATEGORIES you will then ADD YOUR PRODUCTS  (like your flower book or relay book or Interflora you will have your HEADINGS and under those HEADINGS you will have the products – you can add as many PRODUCTS as you wish. With the PRODUCT NAME you must complete this field – you can then choose PRODUCT OPTION which will allow you to put SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE or PINk, GREEN, BLUE for e.g. so when you use your POS system for this product the different options will be shown on a BOX on your screen.

YOU DO NOT have to use the ADD option if you just have the ONE PRODUCT without different variants. When you use the ADD OPTION this also enables you to pick flowers from the library, it will pop up.

You DO NOT NEED to ADD a picture, (compulsory) but if you do, this will be on your EPOS Screen when you choose the product.

YOU THEN ADD YOUR PRODUCTS to the CATEGORIES that you have created, you will see the CATEGORIES at the bottom of the screen, you can add to more than one category if you wish by ticking the boxes, make sure you SAVE (a way to check is by using the EPOS button on the top RIGHT of the DASHBOARD to make sure they have been transferred to the EPOS.

CATEGORY and PRODUCT details on your POS system

You can ADD and TAKE off whenever you want, just LOG OUT OF YOUR POS and LOG BACK IN to see your update categories and products – you will find the LOG OUT button on the bottom right of your POS system

I suggest Logging out each evening as when you LOG IN in the morning you need to put your float in, you cannot get PAST THIS FEATURE

ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE of every sales entry you will have a PRINTER ICON, if you click this you can give an A4 copy of the order



Here you can CREATE/EDIT/VIEW/UPDATE STATUS and CANCEL ORDERS – there is also a SHORTCUT on your EPOS for this. If you have more than one member of staff and you want to all at ORDERS at the same time on any device, you can do so.

You can also SEARCH for orders here as a quick function by order number/name

This is where you will see all your FORWARD ORDERS – you will see on the far right hand side the status (when you take an order it is PENDING, when it is READY FOR DELIVERY you need to click on the item in the little box and then UPDATE STATUS to ready for delivery/out for delivery etc. Make sure once the items are delivered you update status to COMPLETE. You DO NOT have to go through all the steps in the UPDATE STATUS, its up to you how you use this.

YOU CAN search by dates here to see the orders for a particular day. Customer name, recipient name. Any items that have ordered before will also pop up so you never need lose an order like you could do with PAPER!

When a customer makes an ORDER if you CAPTURE their EMAIL ADDRESS they will automatically receive full details of their order setting out time and date ordered, cost inclusive of Vat, all company details in PDF format making the whole process completely professional and comforting in the knowledge they have received the acknowledgment. IT IS NOT COMPULSORY to take the email, the only fields you need to complete which are compulsory are customer name, order type and telephone number


This is where you will see your STEM COUNT and your orders that you have used the STEM COUNT (library) feature with.


MANUAL DELIVERY LIST – if we are NOT integrated with your website provider or any other relay service you use you can add the delivery to the Manual List to form part of your deliveries, you can also add the sale to your POS (ensure you have Web Order as part of your payment providers) so this will form part of your Bookeeping


DELIVERIES – this is where you will GENERATE your delivery lists for your driver(s), you will need to put the date in and a start time and end time (this is important, make this at least an hour before to CAPTURE all deliveries otherwise it will not pick them up and an hour after the last expected one). You can choose your DRIVER so you know who has the deliveries to make. Your driver details will be input at the MY OFFICE tab and CONTACTS, you need to add all your staff members. Once you have done this, GENERATE LIST

This will generate a delivery list with all deliveries, recipient details and products to be delivered – it will also generate a MAP and will route your deliveries automatically in the most OPTIMIM routes thus saving you money on fuel!

COLLECTIONS – this will be with the orders that you have entered that have used the COLLECTION tab as opposed to delivery


MY OFFICE – All information regarding your company, contacts, accounts, suppliers,employees, drivers should be added here – if they are not added, you cannot perform some of the tasks, as the information has to be used in certain tasks, i.e. who is the driver, the EPOS pin number for different members of staff – your Account customer information so invoices are sent automatically

CALENDAR – can be shown daily, weekly or monthly, here you will ALSO SEE a LIST OF your ORDERS and any tasks, they will be highlighted in GREEN

MAILBOX – can be integrated into the software (always good to keep separate I feel but if you would like this, please let us know.

CONTACTS – Suppliers, Funeral Directors, Accounts, Employees, Customers, De-Active etc – great quick reference especially when you need to call the Crem for e.g. to confirm a time. The Customer tab also CAPTURES all your customer information when they have previously made orders, it is a good idea to CAPTURE their email addresses which can later be used for Marketing and perhaps a Loyalty Scheme.

NOTEPAD – you can make notes for yourself/staff/quick reference, I like to log in in the evenings and order flowers from what the girls have listed on the Notepad during the day. As its cloud based no more bits of paper with flowers NEEDED on them, you can just logon wherever you are and see the flowers or sundries you need, remember to SAVE this each time you add a new entry

DOCUMENTS – Here you can upload all your company documents, so you can literally keep all your BUSINESS in the one place, accessible anytime, anyplace, anywhere and on any DEVICE




Accounting – Sales/Expenditure/Vat/Pending Payments

Here you will see all your SALES that have been input from your POS or portal or forward orders, they will all be documented with a unique reference id so can easily be referred back to, they will set out the total amount, net and vat and you will have a running total of both NET and VAT. You can search for your accounts here by day or any amount of days/months/years (I like to do this when I am away from the shop as you can see what individual sales have been made and what categories you have sold in). You can search any timespan to get your figures

EXPORT YOUR DATA – this is a great feature and fantastic tool, if you want to see in black and white in PDF format your sales, export it here by date and save to your PC or to a particular folder. The information here is very clear and very appropriate to hand to your Accountant. This is how I use this feature.

I DO NOT use alternative software for my Accounts that is an extra cost, this is sufficient enough to form part of your Accounts. I input my expenses ONCE PER MONTH from my bank statement so everything “tallies” if you do want to put your supplier invoices in just bear this in mind when you come to do your end of month expenses, avoid duplicating your suppliers, you can ADD PAID when you paid expenses in at the very bottom before you save your expense and add the invoice too.


EXPENDITURE – here you will add your expenditure, you will see a box pop up with drop down menus that have to be completed, there are a whole host of items you can choose for your expenses (please let us know if there are any you would like adding) you can also upload your invoices here as a pdf, If a particular expense is NOT VATABLE you can choose this at the bottom of the screen before saving.

YOU HAVE TO COMPLETE THE SUPPLIER information in MY OFFICE as we will all have different suppliers, a supplier is literally EVERYONE you pay including staff (so you have every single payment in the software)

This EXPENDITURE information will be shown on  your DASHBOARD against your takings

You can ADD, EDIT, DELETE etc here

VAT – this is where your VAT return will be produced, you must ensure you have entered all your VAT details in SETTINGS here under Accounts, this will then be completed automatically, no more DREADED trying to work out figures! You can always create this after the date too.


SETTINGS – you will also find

Payment Providers –  I,e, your payment gateways that you use to take payments – we are INTEGRATED with SUM UP and PAYMENT SENSE (this means if a customer walks in with purely a visa slip you can MATCH UP the TRANSACTION id from the slip in your software, it also keeps all of your business in ONE PLACE and when you come to do END OF DAY, apart from your POS cash sales if you use one of these providers it will also ask you for END of DAY PAYMENT SENSE for example and still print out your Z Report from your terminal.

Accounting Providers – if you currently use QUICKBOOKS for e.g. we ARE integrated with them

Please be advised that this software does all accounting sufficient for your Accountant apart from banking and PAYE so you may NOT NEED a full package for Accounting and you may be able to reduce your costs if you use a bookkeeper or accounting package, you will not need all the APPS!

FROGPOS – this is where you will ADD your payment providers which will be shown on your till (POS) add as many as you want so when you make a sale and you click PAY all the different options will come up. If you have ACCOUNT CUSTOMERS you will also add this as an option and ensuring all your ACCOUNT CUSTOMERS details are in contacts when you add an ACCOUNT SALE a screen will pop up on the till (POS) showing you your Account Customers so you can choose. This is where the automatic invoicing takes place.

RECIEPT TEMPLATE – this is how your receipt will look, you can add custom fields i.e. Thank you for your business, 10% discount next purchase, please visit us at www.crimsonrose.co.uk

This is PERSONAL to you

INVOICE – this is where you need to CREATE the layout of your invoice how your customers will receive, be sure to put your LOGO On and perhaps some words at the bottom. Please BACS to xxxxxxxxx or send cheques to, thank you for your business for e.g.

The account fields are filled in automatically, you can set invoice frequency and terms – I suggest if you only have a handful of Account Customers and you want them to receive the invoice straight away choose DAILY as the invoice option, if you choose WEEKLY or MONTHLY the invoice will only be generated then. You will also receive a copy too.


INVOICES you have sent can be found in PENDING PAYMENTS, if you are looking for an Order number in Orders if you have taken an Account Payment, if it is an EPOS SALE you will not be able to find it, it has to be a COMLETE ORDER

REPORTS – gives you a good insight into for e.g.

COST OF SALES (choose custom) and put in the DATE RANGE to generate a report, you can download this report and hand to your Accountant, here you  have a complete sales record, if you want to hand your pdf with all your individual takings from your POS, you can do this and attach it to this report.



SUPPORT – you are NOT TIED into any CONTRACT you can cancel any time

The email which is always manned is





We are available seven days a week and will answer any queries as quickly as we can, if you cannot get hold of us on the phone please email.


WE WELCOME ALL FEEDBACK and if you have any FEATURE REQUESTS please email me, please bear in mind we have a ROADMAP of features coming and we will work on the features most REQUIRED by the majority of customers and features we feel will BENEFIT all florists.

If you have any “bespoke features” that you would like to add we can always look at them for you and provide a cost for coding. Please also bear in mind that one feature may take a whole month to CODE and TEST. Every new feature has to connect to every other part of the software.

The cost of the software is £40 per month this compares favourably as most POS and Florist Management Systems are USA based and cost in excess of £80 per month for some of the features.

If you have a TRIAL or SPECIAL OFFER we will alert you when it is complete. We will take payments via DD at the end of each month.

IMPORTANT – if a DD is NOT set up the software is “automated to cut off your account” if payment cannot be taken, so it is imperative that you do set up your DD. We cannot keep track of who has paid and not paid manually, so PLEASE BEAR THIS IN MIND – thank you for your understanding.








Updated on October 12, 2021