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New Platform Coming soon…

We have a brand new platform in development which has some great new features and enhancements. The look and feel will be similar to the existing system so don’t be daunted that you have to learn something new. On this post I have shared a few screenshots of the new Order module which has an improved order table layout and easy to use order form which is:

  • Multi Recipient Capable
  • International Format along with International Address Finder
  • Add Attachments such as images and docs to customer orders
  • Create your own “Order Types”, i.e. Wedding Order, Cake Order etc.
  • More Payment Integrations, i.e. Virtual Terminals
  • Automatic Order Printing

We aim to start moving users over in the New Year and providing free training on the new improved modules. Some of you have already been selected to help test the new platform and we will be in touch very soon.

Updated on October 12, 2021

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