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More web integrations

As part of our platform update, we will be including 3 new web integrations. These include:

  • FloristWindow
  • BloomLocal
  • And WooCommerce

How will these integrations work?

Previously with our FloristPro integration, orders were only viewable form the calendar or the “Incoming Orders” section of the software, away from the normal orders table. From there you could print orders and update the order status.

With the new platform, all of your web orders will appear in the normal orders table and will work just like an order you’ve added onto the system. Not only that, but for BloomLocal and WooCommerce sites, your product library will now be synchronized with your website so any new products you add to your site will automatically appear in floral frog.

If you are on the FloristPro integration, do not fear! This has now been updated too.

Updated on October 12, 2021

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