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This section addresses the common issues experienced when

The Cash Drawer won't open and I receive the message 'Failed to Open Port'

This happens when Bluetooth disconnects between the iPad and the mPOP and can happen from time-to-time.  To resolve this, go to iPad settings and check Bluetooth settings.  Ensure the iPad is “Connected” to the Star mPOP.  Open FrogPOS and click “Settings” and turn mPOP “OFF” and then “ON” again.  Select “Bluetooth” interface then “mPOP10” and say “Yes” to mPOP Printer and then finally click “Close“.  Please check the following guides “STAR mPOP Disconnects from iPad” and FrogPOS Quick Start Guide“.  Scroll down to “Connect to FrogPOS” to see steps on connecting iPad to mPOP with Bluetooth.

mPOP cash drawer not printing a receipt

Please check the receipt printer drawer is closed properly and that there is a receipt roll and it hasn’t run out.  An empty receipt printer drawer will result in a red flashing light on the till next to the blue on light. Please see our troubleshooting section “Troubleshooting“.

I get a black or blank screen on FrogPOS using iPad

It’s likely that this is related to Broadband connectivity in your shop.  The first thing to try is rebooting, or powering “OFF” then “ON” your Broadband router.  This may improve the speed of your service.  If you are having Internet problems in general, then you can temporarily connect to your mobile phone using it as a hotspot.  Please follow this guide on setting it up “Loss of Internet Connectivity“.

I have no power to my STAR mPOP cash register

Please check underneath the cash register that the power cable is securely pushed in, and the same at the wall socket.  If there still no power, then try an alternate plug socket, or different power lead.  If the mPOP still fails to power on then please call Floral Frog Support on 020 8068 6806 “Option 2”.

I still have questions?

If you still have questions and can’t find the answer on our support portal then please email us at “support@floralfrog.com” if non urgent, or our main number 020 8068 6806 if urgent and your system isn’t working.