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Loss of Internet Connectivity

If you experience a loss of Internet connectivity in your flower shop due to Broadband issues, then you can connect the FrogPOS iPad via WiFi to your mobile phone. All modern mobile phones have the capability of being set-up as a WiFi hotspot, or tethering. This guide shows you how to configure your iPhone, or Android phone to be a WiFi hotspot. Once set-up you can connect your iPad’s WiFi to your mobile phone and continue using FrogPOS.

How to enable an iPhone hotspot

A hotspot turns the iPhone into a Wi-Fi router, much like the one in your home. The iPhone connects to the internet using its 3G/4G cellular data connection, and then broadcasts this via a Wi-Fi connection that your FrogPOS iPad can connect to.

Here’s how to set up an iPhone Wi-Fi hotspot:

  • Open the Settings app, then select Mobile Data. (In iOS 10 or later. In some older versions of iOS you just select Mobile.)
  • Tap Personal Hotspot and set Personal Hotspot to On. (Tap the slide so it turns green.)
  • If Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth are off, iOS will ask if you want to turn them back on. We’d recommend doing so – without them, the hotspot will be limited to USB. This is more secure, however.
  • Tap ‘Wi-Fi Password’ and enter a suitable password. (This isn’t related to your Apple ID or usual Wi-Fi connection.)
  • Now check the name of the hotspot listed under To Connect Using Wi-Fi (we get “David’s iPhone”).
  • Click the Wi-Fi icon in your Mac’s Menu bar or open the Settings app and tap Wi-Fi on an iPad and choose the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Enter the password from Step 4.
  • That should be it. You should now be able to browse the internet on your MacBook or Wi-Fi-only iPad using the connection provided by your iPhone.

How to enable Wi-Fi hotspot on Android

  • Tap the Settings icon in your home screen or app drawer.
  • Tap Mobile hotspot and tethering
  • Tap Mobile hotspot, then hit the toggle at the top of the screen.

How to configure your Wi-Fi hotspot:

If it’s your first time using the Wi-Fi hotspot feature, you might want to set your own network name and password or change other settings.

  • At the Mobile hotspot menu, tap MORE in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap Timeout settings to choose how long the phone waits before turning off the hotspot, if nothing is connected to it.

  • Or tap Configure Mobile hotspot to choose your Network name and password (tapping show password often makes it easier to type complex passwords).

Updated on October 12, 2021

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