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Checking your Internet Connectivity

Floral Frog and FrogPOS rely on your Internet connection to work properly.  If you experience slow responses from our software its likely to be related to your Internet or Broadband connection.

The first thing to try is assessing how fast your Internet connection is.  To do this, open a web browser in Google and type “broadband speed test” and click search.  A the top of the page you should see a box with a blue button called “RUN SPEED TEST“.

Once the speed test completes and this should only take about 15-20 seconds, you will see results similar to below.  Ideally you are looking for a download speed greater than 10Mbps.  If your speed is slower than this then reboot or power “OFF” then “ON” your Broadband router and perform the test again.  If the speed is still slow then call your service provider who is supplying your Broadband/Internet connection.

Updated on October 12, 2021

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