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FrogPOS Installation


This document will guide you through the following steps:

  • Setting up your mPOP all-in-one receipt printer and cash drawer
  • Setting up your iPad with the mPOP including charging your iPad from the mPOP
  • Setting up Bluetooth on your iPad to connect to the mPOP
  • Installing FrogPOS from the Apple app store
  • Connecting FrogPOS to the mPOP

Connect Power Cable

Connect the power cable that comes with mPOP. Confirm the information in Safety Information – Power before connecting.

Turn power off

  • Turn off the power of mPOP

Connect power cable

  • Take note of the direction of the power socket, and connect the power

Wire power cable

  • There are 2 cable outlets to the right and left, and it can be wired according to where mPOP is place
  • Wire it so it goes underneath or between the power cable hook and pull it out through the outlet.

Wiring Example 1


Wiring Example 2


 Make sure the power cable is properly inserted in the cable hook so that the mPOP does not tilt when it is set up..

Insert power cable plug into electrical outlet.

Set up tablet stand and tablet

Charging from mPOP

  • Connect the USB cable you use with the tablet to the USB port (1.5A) to charge  your tablet.
  • A USB cable for the tablet is not included in the Use a commercially available USB cable (or one that came with the tablet).
  • Connect the USB cable connector to the port on the bottom of mPOP (either of the ones indicated).

Setting up Bluetooth on iPad

  • Open the setting screen of the tablet and select

  • Turn Bluetooth from Off to
  • Select “STAR mPOP-xxxxx” from Devices

Confirm Bluetooth has connected

  •  When connection is complete, “Connected” will be displayed next to the device

Install FrogPOS from App Store

  •  Click on App Store icon on your

  • Search for “floral frog cloudpos” and then download and install. You will require an iTunes account to access the app store. You can sign-up for free if you don’t have one.

  • Once installed locate the CloudPOS icon on your iPad and click to open.

  • Click “Allow” for FrogPOS to access your location. This is to ensure if you opt to process payments with SumUp that your location is known to reduce fraud.

  • Enter your “Shop ID”, “Username” and “Password” to link FrogPOS to your Floral Frog account. This is a onetime requirement.

  • Enter your unique PIN to access FrogPOS.

Connect CloudPOS to mPOP

  •  Log into FrogPOS and click on “Settings

  • Switch mPOP Cash Register to “On

  • Select Bluetooth interface

  • Select “POP10 WHT BT:mPoP

  • Click “Yes” to confirm your printer is mPOP

  • Close “Settings” in FrogPOS to complete connectivity.

Updated on November 10, 2021

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