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Payment Sense Integration

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Payment Sense PDQ Mode and Internet Connectivity

Prior to integrating Payment Sense into Floral Frog, please ensure your new PDQ terminal is powered on and connected to the Internet. Please refer to the image below and where the red arrow is pointing.  You should have three green boxes which indicates you are connected to the Internet.  Please also refer to the documentation received with your Payment Sense PDQ.  Your terminal must also be disabled from Standalone mode – to check this press F4, enter password 123456 and select F1 to turn Standalone mode to “OFF”.

Configuring Payment Sense in Floral Frog

  • In Floral Frog, navigate to “ACCOUNTS” > “Settings” > “Payment Providers
  • In the Payment Sense box you need to enter a “Host Address” and “API Key”. These will be provided to you by Payment Sense.
  • You then need to perform a TMS Call to update the terminal by pressing “MENU” twice, then “F3 SUPERVISOR” then “ENTER PASSWORD” “123456” or “01483” then “MENU” and finally “CALL TMS“.
  • Any issues with integration then please call Payment Sense on 0800 103 2959

  • The second part of the integration is performed in FrogPOS on the iPad. Log into FrogPOS and click on the “Settings” button as shown below.

  • Slide the Payment Sense button to “On” and a drop-down menu will appear to the right. Select your Payment Sense terminal and click “Close

Note: there will be only one entry to select, unless you have multiple PDQ’s in your shop

Performing a Refund using Payment Sense

Note: Only full refunds can be performed with Payment Sense at this current time.  Part refunds will be a future add-on.

  • Login to FrogPOS and click the “Refund” button
  • Select “Payment Sense” as the refund payment type
  • It will then ask you to enter the sales order ID. This is the sales ID on the mPOP receipt as shown below and highlighted in yellow
  • You are then asked to confirm the terminal – click “OK
  • The PDQ will then light up and ask you to enter the customers card. If the customer is not present, then press the “Menu” button on the PDQ to enter card details manually.
  • Follow the on-screen details on the PDQ and FrogPOS to complete refund process.






Updated on October 12, 2021

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