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My Cash Drawer keeps disconnecting from Bluetooth

We have found on some occasions that the cash drawer on the mPOP will not open and displays a message of “failed to open port”.  This is caused by Bluetooth disconnecting between the iPad and the mPOP cash register.

To solve this issue, go to the app store on your iPad and download the “mPOP Utility” as shown below.

To set up the auto connection feature for the selected Bluetooth device in the mPOP utility app, perform the following:

  • Open the mPOP utility app.
  • Go to “Installation” then “Pairing and Connect Bluetooth” and select your printer on the list (e.g. STAR mPOP-K0159). Make sure that the printer is already connected via Bluetooth with the iPad.


  • Tap on the “Selected Device”and choose mPOP printer from the list.

  • Printer should now be visible under the “Selected Device”.

  • Go to “Settings” then “Bluetooth Settings”and move the “Auto Connection” slider to the right and click “Apply”.

  • Confirm with “Yes” to Apply and Continue.
  • Switch the printer power button OFF and ON again and confirm with OK afterwards.

  • If the connection was successful, the following message will appear:

  • Open your FrogPOS app and click the “Open Cash Drawer” button to ensure drawer opens
Updated on October 12, 2021

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