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Sales Ledger

Sales Ledger

Within the Accounting section of the software you will find the Sales ledger as shown below. This automatically records all sales processed through either the POS or Order form within the POS, or the back-office.

The sales ledger consists of the following fields:

Sales IDThis is an automatically generated number which increases in ascending order, i.e. 0001, 0002 etc.. Order IDs map to their respective Sales IDs
DateThis is the date the sale was performed
Payment Type
Net AmountThis is the amount
VAT or Sales Tax
Total Amount
Invoice PDFIf an invoice was generated for an order then it is also list next to its sales ID for cross reference purposes
Order PDFIf the Sales ID relates to an Order then the order is also listed
ReceiptEvery sales ledger entry has a basic receipt that can be printed from an A4 printer, or emailed as a PDF.
ActionThe action buttons allow you to either delete the sales entry due to an incorrect
Sales Ledger

Sales Ledger Search Function

You can easily search for a sales ledger entry by either selecting

  • Sales Date (From and To)
  • Sales ID#
  • Order Category
  • Payment Type
  • Customer Name
  • Price (From and To)

Export Function

In conjunction with the search function you can also easily export parts of the sales ledger, either to a CSV (recommended), or PDF.

Accounting Method

All entries are accounted for and rounded to two decimal places

Updated on July 13, 2022

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