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Creating an Order

Order processing has a number of stages and you must update the system at each step to ensure your flower order is ready for either delivery or collection.

  • Order Pending – this is the default status once an order has been placed on the system and payment taken.  Each stage of the order process has a reminder function to ensure the Florist does not forgot to update the status.  The Order Pending status also allows the Florist to generate Wholesale Supplier Order Lists which enables them to see how many stems are required for each flower type required to fulfil the orders.
  • In Progress – this is the second stage where the Florist starts to make the order using existing flowers within the shop, or specific flowers that have been ordered from the Wholesaler in the previous step.
  • Ready for Delivery – once the order has been made by the Florist its status is then set to “Ready for Delivery“.  This allows the order to be selected for delivery within the “Deliveries” section of the “ORDERS” module.  
  • Ready for Collection – if the order is a collection then the process is the same as deliveries except you generate the list under the collections section of the “ORDERS” module.
  • Delivery Complete – once the delivery driver returns to the shop with a completed delivery list the Florist can then update the status to “Delivery Complete“.  This then fulfils the order lifecycle and the order is then archived.

Creating an Order

To create an order on the system follow the steps below.  We have provided four categories for a floral order.  Most are self explanatory and the purpose of the Gift Order tab is for florists who may sell additional items other than floral and may wish to categorise them under this heading.

  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Gift Order
  • Flower Order
  1. Click on “ORDERS” on the left menu and select “Orders” from the sub-menu
  2. Click the green “Add Order” button and a 4-step wizard will appear ready for the order details
  3. Select the order type from drop-down menu; options are:
    1. Wedding Order
    2. Funeral Order
    3. Gift Order
    4. Flower Order
  4. Enter the “Customers Name” on the right
  5. Enter the customers postcode in the postcode box and click the green button called “Find Address
  6. A list of addresses will appear to the right of the green “Find Address” button. 
  7. Select the appropriate address and all the fields will be populated.  You can also manually type the address if required.
  8. Enter the customers email address – this is an optional field as some elderly customers may not have email address.
  9. Enter the customers telephone number – this is required incase there is an issue with the order.
  10. Click “Next” on the bottom right to continue to the next screen for “Recipient Details

Recipient Details

  1. Enter the “Recipient Name” in the first field.
  2. Select whether the order is for “Delivery” or “Collection“.
  3. If delivery, then enter the recipients postcode in the postcode field and click the green button called “Find Address“.
  4. Select the address to the right of the “Find Address” button.
  5. If collection, then move to the “Date & Time” field
  6. Click on the little calendar icon at the end of the “Date & Time” field for your delivery or collection.
  7. Click on the “X” in the corner to close the calendar once you have selected your date and time..
  8. Enter the “Message on the card” details as provided by the customer.
  9. Enter any “Special Instructions” such as “leave in porch if recipient not in”.
  10. Click “Next” on the bottom right to continue to the next screen for “Product Details“.

Adding a Product

  1. Click “Add Product” and another pop-up box will appear with all the floral occasions.
  2. Click on the relevant floral occasion and the products associated with the occasion will appear.
  3. Click on the floral product and a box will appear with details of the product.
  4. Select which option you require, example “Small” and the click the green “Add” button and the product will be added to the order.
  5. Repeat this step to add more than one product

Adding a Custom Product

  1. Select the radial button called “Custom Product” first beneath the green “Add Product” button.
  2. Click on “Add Product” button, a pop-up box will appear.
  3. Enter “Custom Product Name“.
  4. Enter the “Price” of the product.
  5. Enter the quantity, or leave the default as 1.
  6. Click on “Add” to open the flower library which will appear on the left.
  7. Select the flower for custom order and click “Add” beneath the flower.
  8. Enter quantity of stems to be used in the order.
  9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 until all flower choices have been selected.
  10. Click “Save” to update the custom product and return to the previous screen.
  11. Click “Next” on the bottom right of the screen to move to the “Payment” section
  12. Payment Details:
    1. Enter deposit amount if applicable
    2. Enter delivery charge if applicable
    3. Select whether the customer is paying by cash, card, or whether they are an account customer
  13. Click “Submit” to fulfil the order.

Payment Type – Card

With SumUp payments enabled you can use the simple checkout terminal which is shown below and resembles a credit/debit.  Once card payment is selected a pop-up will appear allowing you to enter the card details of the customer.

Updated on October 12, 2021

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