Prepaid Orders


During busy times in the shop you may need to write down orders first, take the payment and then add them to the system at a later stage.


  1. If choosing a standard product which has a fixed price, then this cannot be edited once payment has been taken.
  2. You cannot change the payment type or order amount at the end of the order screen.
  • Login to FrogPOS
  • Click on the “Orders” button and select “Prepay” from the pop-up, as shown below.
  • Click “Category” and then select “Product” (includes custom products)
  • Add “Product” to shopping cart
  • Click “Pay
  • Choose “Payment Type”, i.e. Cash, Card, Account, PaymentSense etc.
  • Complete payment and you will be given an order number, i.e. “Order #1234 has been saved”.
  • Write the order ID on the handwritten order you’ve just taken for entry into the system at a later stage.
  • Login to Floral Frog back-office
  • Click “ORDERS” then “Ordersv2
  • Click on the “PrePaid” tab, this will be a new tab next to the other tabs such as shown below
  • Select the prepaid order you have just taken payment for by ticking the square box and then click “Edit Order” button.
  • Complete the “Customer” and “Recipient” sections. Click “Next” twice until you are on the payment screen and then click “Submit
  • The order will then move to the “New” tab and will be treated the same as other orders
Updated on October 12, 2021

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