To Pay Orders

Pay on Collection orders allow you to take an order without payment. You can then process payment at a later date using the “To Pay” feature in FrogPOS.

To create a “To Pay” order in Floral Frog, perform the following steps:

  1. Click “ORDERS” then “Add Order” button.
  2. Process the order as normal.
  3. On payment screen select “To Pay” as shown below.

When creating an order in FrogPOS, the “To Pay” button is shown once the “Pay” button is pressed at the end of the order process. Please see below.

Once a “To Pay” or “Deposit” order has been processed, it can be viewed in the new orders table in Floral Frog called “Orders (v2)” as shown below. The new orders table is the same as the previous orders table with the exception that all orders are categorised under different tabs depending on their status. A new tab has also been introduced for “To Pay” orders.

Deposit Orders

Deposit orders have been introduced into FrogPOS and follows the same process as a “To Pay” order. When selecting the “Deposit” button you will be asked to select which payment method and the amount for taking the deposit.

You will then be asked for a remaining balance due date as shown in the screenshot below.

Once the deposit order has been processed, it can be viewed in Floral Frog under “ACCOUNTS” > “Accounting” and then the “Deposit” tab. You can see the remaining balance amount and also the remaining balance due date. Note: deposit orders are not added to the sales ledger until full payment has been taken for the order.

Paying for a “To Pay” Order

When processing payments for “To Pay” or “Deposit” orders, this is performed through FrogPOS only by clicking on “Orders” button and then the “To Pay” button as shown below. A pop-up will appear where you can enter your Order ID.  You can find your Order ID in the Orders table of Floral Frog under the new “To Pay” tab.

Once you enter your Order ID the amount is displayed with the option to select a payment type.  The normal payment processing will happen from this point, i.e. cash, card etc.

Updated on October 12, 2021

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